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This site,, is dedicated to all Guzzisti, Guzzi-freaks and Guzzi-aficionados of the famous Italian motorcycle company which is located in Mandello del Lario at the lake Como. Moto Guzzi motorcycles are famous for their legendary racing machines, bulletproof singles and the V-twin engines.

The main purpose for this site is to collect usable information and tips for Moto Guzzi motorcycles. Although the brand is well known, the the Guzzi community is relatively small and not widespread over the world. So this site should help to find valuable information, to do some networking with local Guzzi members and to find out more about the wonderful world of Moto Guzzi.

A Guzzi is also always a project. You don't just ride it plain out of the factory as she does not show its real potential. So she's being modified, improved, tuned and customized till she fits the owner. So was it in the past and is still the case today. That's why it's important to know a Guzzi specialist, mostly a skilled dealer or a passionate mechanice who knows the different models by heart and who listens to the Guzzi customers to fulfill their dreams, wishes and special requests. The Italian eagle has to fly powerfully and with ease - then you realize how much potential a Guzzi motorcycle has - something the folks in Mandello never really made to become reality to please their fans although requests were sent to them for years.

With the launch of the new California 1400 and the V7 Mark III, the V9 and especially the V85 TT, it seems that the Guzzi people are back on track and hitting the market successfully. Thanks to bigger fundings for R&D, improved quality control and more dealers make the ownership of a Guzzi a real pleasure. Time will tell whether a new Le Mans 1000 and a more powerful V7 with a 850 ccm engine, may be as a Café racer or a Scrambler, will hit the market and can deliver up-to-date performance and handling. Let's have the finger crossed that Guzzi is going to make it.
Guzzis can behave like Italian divas - lack of care and passion end up in a moody affair and a hate-love relationship with the daring owner. In the worst case it ends in a break-up -  something most turned away ex-owners do regret - and come back to give the Italian beauty a second chance which normally ends in a lasting and unforgettable happy years of ownership.
The Guzzi-virus is growing slowly in time but then the deeper it goes - till 100 % Guzzi blood runs through the vains.
For questions, input or feedback to my site  and requests for advice for your Guzzi please feel free to contact me, I'm pleased to help.  

Moto Guzzi history

Moto Guzzi, established 1921, is famous for its legendary racing machines like the Guzzi V8, the bulletproof singles, best known are the Airone and Falcone, and the big V-Twin engines, starting from 750 ccm for the V7 Stone/Special/Racer, going up to 1200 ccm for the Norge/Sport/Griso/Stelvio and ending with the new 1400 ccm twin of the new California. Guzzi also built small motorcycles in the 50s and 60s and was very successful in this segment, best known are the Galletto and the Lodola.
After years of lack of fundings, missing R&D, an outdated product range and quality issues Guzzi is finally back on the market. More dealers, faster parts delivery service and competent Guzzi-people are finally paying off the sins of the past and word of mouth is spread that Guzzis are worth a
Thanks to new and modern models like the 2012 Stelvio 8V, the 2016 Guzzi V9, the 2017 Guzzi V7 III, the 2013 California 1400 and especially with the Guzzi V85 TT, the company is hitting successfully a nearly lost market. Most important to know is that Guzzi is reaching a new and younger customer segment thanks to the new V7 III, the V9 and the V85 TT. With the new V85, Guzzi hits a target group who makes the brand popular and even a little bit trendy. Time will tell but gossips of a comeback of the new Le Mans 1000 are spreading around for months now, so let's hope the legendary sports bike will be back again soon.


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