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Info for torque spec / colors codes / frame numbers / model overview / mapping overview / ECU list:  
Torque specs:
Torque specifications 

Paint/color codes:
Moto Guzzi paint codes (MG Netherlands)
Moto Guzzi paint codes (ColorRite)
Lechler color catalog with Guzzi-color-code-index --> see page 227/228
Moto Guzzi paint codes.xls by Henk de Vries
Olivier-Moto Guzzi inside - Code couleur des peintures
Moto Guzzi Farben-Code Guzzi T3 & T3 California (pdf) 

Paint manufacturers:
AutomotiveTouchup (Verde Legnano for Guzzi V7 Racer, see also below)
Color N Drive Touch Up Paint
Color Rite
Mixit - Akzo Nobel
RS Bike Paint 

Color codes Guzzi Tenni: --> V11 Le Mans - forum
Tenni-green (Pearl Green):
Fleet Name: Motoguzzi Motorcycle; Fleet Color Name: Moto Guzzi; Stock#: 907250; paint: GLASURIT- 55 FORMULA 

Lechler: GUZDS08047 
Tenni-grey (Grigio Titanium):
Fleet Name: Motoguzzi Motorcycle; Fleet Color Name: Moto Text Flat Black; Stock#: 907286; paint: GLASURIT- 55 FORMULA 

Lechler: GUZ 28; master: 193E 

Tenni-red (Rosso Mandello): tbd 

Verde Legnano (or Solaris Yellow), for Guzzi V7 Racer:
Nissan paint code: ER4, available from AutomotiveTouchup 

Tank-patterns black for Rosso Mandello: Unique Hydro Graphics 

Guzzi frame numbers and model overview:
Moto Guzzi frame numbers / VIN (MG Netherlands)

Guzzi frame numbers / VIN

Y = year as outlined below.
A = 1980
B = 1981
incrementally to; Y = 2000
1 = 2001
2 = 2002
incrementally to; 9 = '09
A = 2010
B = 2011C = 2012
D = 2013
E = 2014
F = 2015
G = 2016
H = 2017
I = Not used as to be confused by a number 1
J = 2018
K = 2019
L = 2020
M = 2021
N = 2022
Incrementally to; Y = 33   

More info:
Moto Guzzi model overview (MG Netherlands)
Moto Guzzi frame numbers by The Moto Guzzi Eagle's Nest (Murray Barnard)
Moto Guzzi frame numbers by 

Moto Guzzi engine identification numbers:
MG engine identification numbers by Treecelestial 

Guzzi mapping overview:
Moto Guzzi mapping overview (MG Netherlands) 

Guzzi ECU mapping names and ECU list:
ECU mapping names:
Moto Guzzi ECU list (MG Netherlands) 

Guzzi - ECUs:
7SM - California 1400
MIU G3 - V7 & V9 Single Throttle Body models
MIU G4 - V7 850 (CAN bus)
Magneti Marelli 11 MP - V85 (CAN bus)
5AM - All CARC models
15RC - V7 Classic, Nevada, Breva 750, California (from 2002), V11 (from
15M - California (1997-2001), 1100 Quota, V11 (until 2002)
16M - 11 Sport, Centauro, Daytona RS
P8 - Daytona 1000, 1000 Quota (from 1993/94*), California 1100 IE, California III (from 1993*)
P7 - California III (1990-1993), Daytona 1000 (1992-94*), 1000 Quota (until 93/94*)
*Note: The P7/P8 was sometime in 1993-1994. It was not simultaneous for all Models.  

ECU replacements for Weber Marelli P8, 16M, 15M ECUs:
Jefferies My ECU - ECU replacements - available as assembled unit or in kit form - for Weber Marelli P8, 16M, 15M ECUs 

ECU P8: Daytona 1000, Quota 1000, California --> see link Jefferies
ECU 16M: Daytona RS, Sport 1100, V10 Centauro
ECU 15M: Quota 1100 ES, V11, California --> see link Jefferies 

Flashing/Eproms/ECU for Guzzi Daytona RS / Sport 1100 / Centauro:
Germany (Guzzi Centauro):
Karsten --> for contact see fb-group: Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro 

Australia (Guzzi Daytona RS/Sport 1100):
- Brad the bike Boy, Victoria --> Guzzi Daytona product info, Guzzi tech info and advice
- Jefferies MyECU, Australien 

ECU/CDI repair:
The Netherlands
Carmo Electronics, Helmond  

Scorpio Electronics, King's Lynn 

Moto Guzzi ECU Error Codes for 5AM ECUs shown on digital lcd display:
Guzzi models with 5AM ECU:
- Bellagio
- Breva 1100/1100 ABS/1200/1200 ABS
- Griso 850/1100/1200 8V
- Norge 850/1200T,GT, GTL
- Sport 1200/1200 ABS
- Stelvio 1200 4V/8V
--> Link to 'Error codes for 5AM ECUs' on guzzitech 

Moto Guzzi Service code / Key-code numbers:

Instructions - How to insert the Guzzi Service Code:
- Apriliaforum - Remember to insert your user code
- guzzitech - Remember to insert your service code 

Service code numbers:
- Breva 850 & 1100 with button-control: 36421 (or 36424, not confirmed!) ; with Joystick-control: 28315
- Guzzi Sport 1200 with button-control: 36421;
for 'Joystick' -models (Norge/Breva 11 etc.): 28315
- 2007-10 Norge 1200 2V & 2012+ 4V: 28315
- Griso 850, 1100 & 1200: 12425
- Griso 8V: 12425
- Bellagio: 21959
- Stelvio: 10695
- 1400 California: 34534  

Moto Guzzi Re-Mapping password: 155173 

Guzzi Service Codes overview for CARC-models:

Guzzi Service Codes

--> Link to  Guzzi Service codes - pdf 

02-Optimizer (air temp sensor) by Mistral V-Twin Boost / Booster Plug for fuel-injected Moto Guzzis:
Mistral, Mandello, Italy:
- V-Twin Boost for Guzzi Cali 1400
- all other fuel-injected Guzzi 

IAT EVO GROUP, Italy by Luca Manici:
- IAT Evo/Evo X for Guzzi Quota 1000/ES, V10 Centauro, Daytona 1000, Cali EV 1100, Carc-Guzzi (Norge (850/1200), Griso (850/1100/1200), Breva (850/1100/1200), Bellagio, Stelvio), Breva 750/Nevada 750, V7 Classic/Cafe  

Booster Plug, USA:
Booster Plug for Moto Guzzis 

Remapping - GuzziDiag - Beetlemap / Dynojet PowerCommander / Guzzitech GT/GT-RX / RexXer / Rapid Bike Evo:
for Carc-Guzzis (Griso, Norge/Breva, Sport, Stelvio), Breva 750, V7 Classic, V7 I-III, V9, Cali 1400, V11, Daytona, Quota

Tutorial GuzziDiag:
GuzziDiag HowTo - tutorial by
GuzziDiag HowTo (Guzzi Quota) - tutorial by 

Beetlemap for Carc-, V7 und V85 - Guzzis by Mark Bayley: 

Lonelec, London:
Lonelec cables and adapters to connect your PC to your Guzzi 

Dynojet PowerCommander:
- Daes-Mototec, Germany:
--> Info Mapping by Daes-Mototec
--> PowerCommander / Rexxer 

- Micron Systems, Fürth 

Tuning fueling: Fuel injection/mapping from GT MotoCycles (Guzzitech), CA, USA
Products from GT MotoCycles: GT/ GT-Rx
UOverview tuning: fuel injection/mapping from GT motocycles (guzzitech): GT O2-Optimizer, Dynojet Autotune fueling packages, Dynojet PowerCommander III, GT-Rx Performance ECUs 

RexXer ECU-tuning:
USA & Kanada:
Germany: Casa di Moto, Bielefeld
Australia: Torque Power Motorcycles, Queensland 

Rapid Bike by dimsport:
Europa: Rapid Bike by dimsport
USA: Rapid Bike by dimsport North America, Orlando, FL 

Carmo Electronics Tuning:
The Netherlands: Carmo Electronics, Helmond 

Fuel injection specialists:
- Mr Injector UK (Overhaul) 

- Injector Repair LLC, Glenville, NY 

Battery / Digital/electronic ignition systems / Ignition coil / Spare pickup & ignition box / Charge controller:
Digital/electronic ignition systems/charge controller/ignition coil & box:
- Elektronik Sachse, Bremen
- Micron Systems, Fürth --> Dynatek ignition systems, Dynojet ignition modules
- Silent-Hektik, Unna
- stein-dinse, Schwülper (for DMC-products regarding. control disc/electronic ignition for Bosch/Saprisa/Moto-Witt Motoplat related prodcts) 

- Gammatronix , Coventry --> Electronic Ignition System Kit 12v, especially for small block Guzzis with carb/ignition points (V35-V65)
- Newtronic Ignitions by Autocar, London 

- C5 Performance, Hortonville, WI
- Jefferies MyECU 

Ignition coils & ignition systems for Guzzi V35-65 / Tonti-Guzzis:
New Zealand/Australia:
- Whites Powersports
- Whites Moto, Melbourne
- bits4bikes, Brisbane
--> Ignition coils from Whites Moto for Guzzi V35-V65: Whites Moto electrical 12 volt ignition coil - single lead
- Tri-Spark, Blackwood
--> Ignition coils, digital ignition system "Tri-Spark Firexbox", spark plug lead & caps for Guzzi V35-V65 / Tonti-Guzzis 

England (Ignition coils):
Electrex World, Stoke Row --> Yamaha & Suzuki 80 mm hole spacing HT Coil - HT13 for Guzzi V50
Motorcycle Products, Chelmsford -->  12V CDI Igniton Coil Single HT Lead + 2 Terminals 3 + 6 (80mm) for Guzzi V50
--> for all other coils for Guzzi V35 - V65 models, see the offer from Electrex World and Motorcycle Products.  

Digital ignition systems specialists for Moto Guzzi bikes:
- Dynotec, Monsheim
- KMS Motorrad Service Achim Kindermann, Warmsen
- Micron Systems, Fürth
- Radical Guzzi, Schwarzenfeld 

The Netherlands:
- Carmo Electronics, Helmond 

- Muzzi Moto Racing, Stafford 

- Tri-Spark, Blackwood 

Electrical parts for motorcycles:
Electrex World, Stoke Row 

Elettro Discount, San Zenone al Lambro, MI 

Fueling / Remapping  Guzzi Stelvio:
- ECU/Mappings from GTMotorCycles 

Electrical systems:
Wiring/Elektric from "This old tractor"
Links Elektric from "This old tractor"
Carl Allison's Moto Guzzi wiring diagrams 

Electrical / wiring specialists:
- Motek Motorradelektrik, Bielefeld
- replacement alternators
- exchange regulator
- Ignition box repair
- conversion from 6 to 12 volts
- electrical repair
- alternator repair
- starter repair
- electrical check (also preventive)
- production of individual circuits and wiring harnesses (e.g. minimal
- Help with Moto classics, exotics and special conversions 

Ferret's Custom Electrickery;
--> Story about Ferret's - The Classic Motorcycle
Rupe's Rewires, Oundle 

Electrical spare parts:
niks-euro-bits (Ebay) 

E10 compatibilty for Guzzi engines with an ethanol-fuel mixture of 10 % ethanol & 90 % gasoline, known as E10
- V7 Classic: compatible - starting with/after frame number ZGULW0001BM115002
- V7 Cafè: compatible - starting with/after frame number ZGULWA006BM112067
- V7 Racer: compatible - starting with/after frame number ZGULWB00XBM100722
- California 1100: compatible with frame number with prefix ZGUKDE - ZGUKDG - ZGUKDH - ZGUKDL - ZGUKDM
- Nevada 750: compatible, starting with model year 2008
- Bellagio: compatible
- Breva: compatible all models except Guzzi Breva 750
- Norge: compatible - all models
- Griso 850: compatible - starting with/after frame number
- Griso 1100: compatible - starting with frame number
- Griso 1200: compatible with frame number with prefix ZGULSE - ZGULSG
- 1200 Sport: compatible
- Stelvio: compatible - all models 

Suspension / fork specialists:
Frank Forks, Evanston, IL
Sean Fader from Moto Guzzi Classics, Signal Hill, CA 

Guzzi Tips & Tricks:
Wildgoose/Wildguzzi Tips'n'Tricks
Hard to find Guzzi-Infos from "This old tractor" by Gregory Bender

Big-bore kits/tuning for Guzzi V7/1200 8V & special builds
Guareschi Moto, Parma:  

Guareschi 1380cc-big-bore kit for 1200 8V-Guzzis

Renard Guzzi, engine made by Peter Lamparth

Renard Guzzi, 1200 8V-engine tuned and enlarged to 1330cc by Peter lamparth   

Peter Lamparth - Custom-builds:
1330-1380cc big-bore kit for Guzzi 1200 8V by Peter Lamparth

Radical Guzzi - Guzziladen Stefan Bronold, 
Guzzi V12 by Radical Guzzi

Radical Guzzi - Custom builds:
- Tonti-Guzzi V12 (1200 8V)
- Retro Le Mans V11/1200 8V/1450 8V
- Café Racer & V7 Classic
- Guzzi Ristretto with 1400 8V Cali-engine
- Guzzi Fugitive with 1151cc / 1380cc 8V-engine
- Guzzi MGR 1200 with 1151/1380/1502/1700-engine

Guzzi Retro Le Mans by Radical Guzzi

Moto Schmitz, Wassenberg: 
Daytona 4V Le Mans II by Moto Schmitz

Custom Tonti-Daytona 4V  
A Daytona 4v-engine is mounted in a Le Mans II -frame 

Moto Schmitz - Custom builds:
Tonti-Daytona 4v by Moto Schmitz

 GTMotoCycles - (guzzitech), CA:

Guzzi GTM-01 by GTMotoCycles

 - GTM-custom builds-Guzzis:
- GTM-01 / GTM-01.5 / GTM-02 by GTMotoCycles 

- GTM-big-bore kits for Guzzi V7 Classic, V7 I-III:
NEW!  - -   Now available from GTMotoCycles
(Guzzitech), CA, USA  - -  NEW!  

820cc Big Bore Pistons for Guzzi V7 I - III vrroooooooooom!

820cc performance curves by Guzzitech820cc performance curves by Guzzitech

Guzzi Startus Interruptus:
Problem solving / DIY-fix / available starter relay bypass kits to buy

Affected models: all newer Guzzis: V11, all Carc-models: Breva B11/B12, Norge, Sport, Griso, Bellagio, Stelvio; Guzzi Breva 750, V7 Classic/Cafe 

Topics to the starter issue and problem solving:
wildguzzi - B11/Norge Startus Interruptus-the MPH Solution
wildguzzi - Startus Interruptus / Starting Problems on CARC Guzzis
V11LeMans - Startus Interruptus
guzzitech - B11/Norge Startus Interruptus-the MPH Solution
grisoghetto - Startus Interruptus on a Breva 750 resolved - but other issues unresolved 

Moto Guzzi Breva starter relay fix:
DIY - Tutorial on youtube from Jonny Knuckles:
Moto Guzzi click, no start - Fix starter relay bypass - 2004 Guzzi Breva 750  

DIY- Tutorial on youtube from Mike's Machines:
Moto Guzzi Breva 750 Starter Relax Fix 

Where to buy the complete starter relay bypass kit:
USA: MPH Cycles, Houston, TX
Europe - Italy:
Silvano Bosticco, Trofarello, Turin, Italy - Kit starter relay Moto Guzzi / Kit starter relè Moto Guzzi on ebay

Speedo/tacho/gauges & ECU/CDI-repairs:
Cortellini & Marchand, Birsfelden 

The Netherlands:
Carmo Electronics, Helmond

Carmo Electronics - Dashboard repair - Moto Guzzi

Repair of ECUs for all Carc-Guzzis (Bellagio, Breva B11/12, Norge 2V/4V, Griso 1100, 1200 Sport, Stelvio 8V), Breva/Nevada 750, V7 Classic II, V9, California 1400 

Scorpio Electronics, King's Lynn 

Joel Levine Company, Lafayette --> Repair of analogue speedo- and tachometers & gauges

Joel Levine Company, Lafayette - Speedo/tacho/gauges-repairs

Moto Guzzi spare key & new keys:
Georg Völz GmbH, Bremen 

The Netherlands:
Carmo Electronics, Helmond --> for lost Guzzi keys 

Basildon Locksmiths, Basildon
Express Keys Bristol, Bristol
replacementkeys, Leighton Buzzard 


 - How to add a tacho/rev counter to your Guzzi V7 III Stone/Stone Night Pack/Carbon/Rough - 
Guzzi V7 III Milano

- Threat on 

Guzzi V7 III - service/workshop manual:
- Guzzi V7 III service/workshop manual 

Guzzi V7 III - parts catalog:

V7 III - tachograph/rev counter-availability:
- parts-motoguzzi-com
- HC-Motorradtechnik - Heinz Collman
- TLM-Moto Guzzi
- Fowlers Moto Guzzi
- guzzitech - GTMotoCycles
- (worldwide)
--> part number 2D000294  

Moto Guzzi spare parts & more on facebook:

- Passione Guzzi Ricambi e Moto Guzzi:

Gearing Commander - Guzzi V85

How many revs makes my Guzzi in top gear?
Look at Gearing Commander 

Does my motorcycle fit my body height?
Cycle Ergo - Guzzi V85

The Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator knows!
--> - Motorcycle Ergonomics, made by GuzziDiag

A class of its own: Guzzi Breva 750
Guzzi Breva 750

Infos & more Guzzi Breva 750:
- Guzzi Breva 750 - Infos & tips by Dan Martin  

Technical upgrade:
Lambda sensor Bosch LSH-24
for Guzzi Breva 750:

Lambda sensor Bosch LSH-24, type no 0258005087

The improved Lambda sensor LSH-24 from Bosch replaces the older type LSH-15 used by most Guzzi motorcycles.
Due to a new calibration, it is more sensible and precise. So the control unit works better in low ranges.  

Availability: at the Fiat dealer or Ebay 

Manufacturer: Bosch
- Type LSH-24, part no 0258005087
(LS 5087: length 325 mm)
- Type LSH 24, part no 0258003805
(LS 3805: length 400 mm) 

Update March 02, 2021:
The new Lambda sensor Bosch LS 6206, 0258006206, replaces LS 5087. 

For the Breva 750 the shorter sensor cable, LS 5087 or LS 6206, matches the original cable length but the longer cable, LS 3805, can also be used, just shorten it. 

The "old" lambda sensor, LSH-15, is used for all Guzzis built from 1997-2012. The newer, more modern sensor LSH-24 can be used for all these models as well.

Link: Stein-Dinse - LSH-15-overview of Guzzi factory equipped part as standard  

Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX

Roller tappets for Guzzi 1200 8V:
Model - Engine Designation - Last 5 Digits of Serial Number - Date of Production
Stelvio - AC - after 12596 - 03/12/2012
Griso - A8 - after 13524 - 04/12/2012
Norge - AA - after 12214 - 04/18/2012
According to Piaggio, motorcycles produced after these specific Serial Numbers / Production Dates, have the implemented design change valve train, and are "roller" engines.

- Multifunction display Periscope B.1 for Guzzi Stelvio by gimpogarage
Mulitifunctional display Pericope B.1 by gimpogarage - Guzzi Stelvio
The Periscope B.1 by gimpogarage features:
Graphical speedometer, engaged gear and engine temperature, engine rpm, speed, voltmeter, TPS reading & reset, diagnostic faults, gear statistics, spot LED-light, +12 volt additional power plug
Periscope B.1 by gimpogarage - Guzzi Stelvio

Guzzi Recall campaignCheck your Guzzi here!
Piaggio/Moto Guzzi Recall notice

For the love of your twin, only Guzzi Service at your local Guzzi dealership! 

Always visit your Guzzi dealer for proper maintenance, service and support!

Moto Guzzi concepts: Gannet Design, Switzerland
Gannet Guzzi


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