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Guzzi V85 TT - accessories

Original OEM-Guzzi V85 accessories:
Immediate availability:

- MIA (Multimedia Platform) , touring windshield (+ 60% bigger, height: 45 cm --> + 13 cm compared to stock screen; dimensions standard windshield: height: 32 cm, width top: 32 cm, with bottom: 40 cm), LED-foglights, engine crash bars, center stand, comfort seat (high, standard, low), ajustable rear shock, off-road break pedal, sport-adventure tires, sport exhaust, cardan shaft protection, antitheft, tank protection film, foldable mirrors, Touring alu-boxes (33l left/38l right) and alu-top case (48l) from MyTech with available inner bags, Urban pvc-hard boxes (28l left/37l right) from Guzzi, soft/canvas panniers/bags with carrier/frame support 

Discover V85 Moto Guzzi website
Moto Guzzi accessories website 

Scheduled availability:
- Urban pvc-boxes/panniers: June 2019 (except Italy),
Update 30 July 2019: Due to quality improvements of the Urban pannier's looks and high customer demand the scheduled delivery time is 2-4 weeks
- Heated handlebar grips: Autumn 2019,
Update September 20 2019: heated grips, part no 2S001325, are available at your Guzzi dealer

Guzzi V85 accessories by specialists:

Urban-pvc-boxes for Guzzi V85 (28l left/37l right),
total width with mounted boxes: 92 cm.
In comparison: Total width with Alu-Touring-boxes from Guzzi: 106 cm

Urban-boxes - Guzzi V85

Moto shops which offer the Urban-boxes for Guzzi V85:

- motoitalia: Urban pvc-boxes/panniers with frame connection rod 

- - Urban pvc-boxes/panniers with frame connection rod
- HC-Motorradtechnik (Collmann) - Accessories Guzzi V85 

Pictures of the Urban-boxes for the Guzzi V85:

Urban-boxes-kit with Urban-boxes, carriers and connection rods - Guzzi V85
Pics: The Urban-boxes-kit includes both Urban-boxes, the carriers and the connection rods
Right Urban-box with stored integral helmet - Guzzi V85 TT
--> there's enough room to store an integral helmet in the bigger right 37 liters - box
Mounted Urban-boxes - Guzzi V85
Pic: Mounted Urban-boxes on the Guzzi V85
Carrier and connection rod for Urban-boxers - Guzzi V85

Pic: Urban-carrier with connection rods on the Guzzi V85

There is no frame/carrier needed to mount the boxes as you do with the Alu-Touring boxes. The Urban-boxes are delivered with carriers and connection rods, see image above, which are mounted directly on the V85's frame, similar to the system of the Stelvio 1200 (street version). The boxes are just attached and fit perfectly.  

More accessories for the Guzzi V85:  
- Agostini, Italy: Guzzi V85 accessories
Exhaust, Y-crossover decat, tank bag, smart phone support for mirror, soft/canvas panniers/bags with carrier/frame support

Pics: Agostini Ovale Nero & Agostini Y-crossover decat 

- Bart Tubeless, Italy: Tubeless transformation bundles and complete wheel sets
- Bart Tubeless dealers Europe: see Bart Tubeless site

Bart Tubeless
- Tubeless transformation - DIY:  

You need following products:
- 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200 (tube)
- 3M 4411N (1mm thick) or 4412N (2mm thick) Extreme Sealing Tape
Tubeless Clamp-In Tyre Valve 90-426 / Napa 90-426 for US/Canadian-riders
- Rubber glue/vulcanazing cement to seal the inner tire sidewall in case of mounting damage of the tire (like Xtra Seal Vulcanizing Cement)
- Acetone for cleaning
--> for instructions, see the postings from Richard Thibedeau in the
Guzzi V85 TT Enthusiasts-fb-forum 

- Bumot, Bulgaria: Alu-panniers (35/40/45l), alu-top-case (25/41l), soft panniers (40/36, 35/31l)

Bumot alu-panniers & top case "Defender Evo" - Guzzi V85

Pic: Bumot alu-panniers & top case "Defender Evo" 

- Frenk Castle, Italy: Alu-panniers, top case, fog lights, tool box, travel gear

Frenk Castle panniers & top case - Guzzi V85
- Hepco-Becker, Germany: Alu-boxes "Xceed" (38l left/38l right) and top case (45l) in silver/black, soft bags, carriers/frames for panniers, tank bags, tank rings, crash bar, top case carrier, handelbar protection, side stand plate/enlargement, headlight grill
Hepco-Becker alu-boxes "Xceed"
Pics: Hepco-Becker Alu-boxes "Xceed"
Pics: Hepco-Becker crash bar & Hepco-Becker handguard and handlebar protection bar
Hepco-Becker headlight grill - Guzzi V85

Pic: Hepco-Becker headlight guard 

- Holan, Poland: Alu-panniers "Nomade Pro", sidecarriers "Pro", motorcycle accessories

Holan "Nomada Pro" alu-panniers - Guzzi V85
- My Tech, Italy: Top case rack, top case, side stand enlargement, cover for rear brake fluid box container, headlight guard (Isotta), tool boxes
My Tech - tool box - Guzzi V85

Pic: My Tech tool box --> overview: Tool boxes from My Tech 

- RBM - Ricambi Bauletto Moto, Italy: Original Guzzi-accessories and after-market accessories for Guzzi V85 from Givi, Rizoma, Hepco-Becker, Isotta, Kappa, Rizoma, Shad, sw-motech  

- Viejos Pistones, Spain: Accessories for Adventure-bikes (brands: My Tech, Oxford, etc.). Link Headlight guard Guzzi V85 (Isotta), Tool Box from My Tech 

Home-made/DIY tool boxes:

- Rhino Rack - conduit locking end cap (lockable) and drain tube as tool box

Rhino-Rack - conduit locking end cap - Guzzi V85
- Universal tool box from Ebay (Manufacturer: GIDIBII - actually a tool box for the GS...) or Mecastore's tool tube
- Givi, Italy: Windshields and accessories for Guzzi V85: touring screen D8203ST (height: 68.5 cm --> + 36.5 cm, width: 46 cm --> + 6 cm compared to original screen), airflow screen AF8203 (height: 65 cm (12 cm of extension) --> + 33 cm, width: 50 cm --> + 10 cm compared to original screen); alu-panniers "Trekker Dolomiti" (36l left/36l right) in silver/black, alu-top case Trekker Dolomiti 30l/46l in silver/black, pvc-top case B37 Blade 37l, fog lights, side stand foot, hand protection extension
Givi Touring screen D8203ST & Givi Airflow screen AF8203
Pics: Givi alu-boxes (36l) and top case (30l) "Trekker Dolomiti" & Givi tool box

Pics: Givi hand protector extension, part number: EH8203, to be mounted on the original Guzzi hand protector & Givi side stand foot (middle) & Givi S320 LED spot lights 

- sw-motech, Germany: Tank bag, tank rings, side & tail bags, alu boxes, abs boxes, side carriers, top case, mirror extension, crash bar clamps for fog lights, crash bar, slider set, header pipe guard, footrest kits, cushions, GPS & cam mount kits, tool box, footrest kits

sw-motech accessories - Guzzi V85

Pics: Guzzi V85 loaded with sw-motech accessories 

- rizoma, Italy: Headlight guard, brake/clutch levers, fluid tanks, indicator lights, footpegs, rear mirrors

rizoma accessories - Guzzi V85

- Pivot Pegz, Australia  --> Footpegs for Guzzi V85 TT

- Isotta, Italy: all Isotta products for Guzzi V85

Touring windshield, type Isotta sc91 (dimensions: height: 53 cm --> + 21 cm, width at hands: 46 cm --> + 6 cm, maximal width at bottom: 58 cm - compared to stock screen); standard windshield; luggage racks for Touring alu-boxes and top case; crash bars; available mid-June 2019

Pics: Isotta Touring windshield & Isotta crash bar
Isotta tank belt for magnetic and belt tank bags - Guzzi V85
Pic: Isotta tank belt for magnetic & belt tank bags
Pics: Isotta luggage racks for Touring alu boxes & Isotta back pad for top case

Pics: Isotta headlight guard, the headlight protection frame is available in red, black and silver 

- Sedcem, France: Touring windshield (dimensions: height: 57 cm --> + 25 cm, width at shoulders (top): 44 cm --> + 12 cm, width at hands (bottom): 48cm --> + 8 cm compared to stock screen;  thickness: 4mm; color: clear, grey, black). available end of May 2019

Sedcem touring windshield Guzzi V85

Pic: Sedcem Touring windshield 

- Ermax, France: Touring windshield, height: 50 cm --> + 18 cm higher compared to stock screen

Ermax touring screen - Guzzi V85

Pic: Ermax Touring screen 

- Biondi, Italy: High/touring screen (height: 45 cm --> + 13 cm; width: 33 cm at top --> + 1 cm, 35 cm at bottom --> - 5 cm) & sport screen (height: 25 cm --> - 7 cm; width: 28 cm at top/bottom --> - 4 cm at top, - 12 cm at bottom). Measures compared to stock screen.

- Calsci, USA: Short sports screen - tall Touring windshields according to the rider's size
Calsci Windshields - Guzzi V85

Pic: Calsci Touring windshield 

- Windshield adjustment knobs, available from:
- eGlideGoodies, USA: Adjustment knobs models VT-E/VT-S

eGlideGoodies windshield knob - Guzzi V85

Pic: Windshield adjustment knob, model VT-E, from eGlideGoodies 

 - isotta, Italy: Kit Pomoli

Isotta screen adjustment knob

Pic: Isotta windshield adjustment knob 

- Ebay, Germany: Seller WM --> not available any more!

Ebay-WM windshield adjustment knobs - Guzzi V85

Ebay-WM windshield adjustment knobs 

- MadStad Engineering, USA: Adjustable windshield system for Guzzi V85 (2020- up). Reseller for Europe:

MadStad adustable windshield system - Guzzi V85

Pic: Madstad 20" windshield

The Madstad's kit for the V85 includes a set of MadStad's adjustable brackets & the acrylic windshield.
For the windshield, 4 shield sizes are available (18"/46 cm; 20"/51 cm; 22"/56 cm; 24"/61 cm). 

- Powerbronze, England: Adjustable windshield "Powerblade", Hugger/rear mudguard, hand guards & more

The Powerbronze windshield "Powerblade" is adjustable in height and angle, 2 windshield sizes are available. The rear mudguard is made of high impact plastic, available in color black, matt black and white.  

- Puig, Spain: multiregulable visor clip-on

Puig multiregable visor

Pic: Puig multiregulable visor clip-on/spoiler
FYI: Dimensions standard windshield: height: 32 cm, width top: 32 cm, with bottom: 40 cm) 

- MRA, Germany: multiregulable visor clip-on

MRA X-creen visor - Guzzi V85

Pic: MRA X-creen multiregulable visor clip-on/spoiler 

Aprilia, Italy: Hand protection --> Aprilia dealer, ebay, France: Retzmoto

Aprilia Capanord 1200 handguard - Guzzi V85

Pic: 2016 Aprilia Capanord 1200 Rally hand protection for Guzzi V85, Part number: BO44836 left -, BO44835 right hand  

- eGlideGoodies, USA: Calsci windshields, topcase inner lining, windshield adjustment knobs, general Guzzi-accessories

eGlideGoodies - topcase inner lining - Guzzi V85
Pic: eGlideGoodies - topcase inner lining
eGlideGoodies - screen adjustment knob VT-E

Pic: eGlideGoodies - screen adjustment knob VT-E 

- Booster Plug, Denmark: Tuningkit for the V85 in connection with the Y-tube crossover defat --> Booster Plug facebook, Booster Plug Blog  

- GPR, Italy: Exhaust

GPR Dual - Guzzi V85

Pic: GPR Dual  

- HP Corse, Italien: Exhaust/Y-crossover decat

Pic: HP Corse SPS Carbon Satin-Auspuff & Y-crossover decat, both available online from Genial Motor, Rimini, Italy.  

- Mistral, Italy: Exhaust/muffler/Y-crossover decat/V-Twin Boost, big-bore header pipes. To order, contact Mistral by e-mail.

Mistral exhaust Guzzi V85
Mistral Conical Matt Black - Guzzi V85
Pic: Mistral Conical Matt Black
Mistral muffler, Y-crossover decat & V-Twin Boost
Pic: Mistral DeCat muffler & V-Twin Boost
Mistral - big-bore header pipes - Guzzi V85

Pic: Mistral big-bore header pipes for improved torque and performance at all reves due to the big bore diameter (increase of the internal volume); less weight ( - 50 % compared to stock pipes), 100 % rust-free


- Mass exhaust systems, Italy: Exhaust/Y-crossover decat

Mass Oval Full Carbon & Mass Y-crossover decat 

- QD Exhaust, Italy: Exhaust/pipe

QD Exhaust Slip-On Titanium Tronco-Cono - Guzzi V865

Pic: QD Exhaust Slip-On Titanium Tronco-Cono 

- Zard Exhausts, Italy: Exhaust, available end of June 2019

Zard Titanium Sleeve - Guzzi V85

Pic: Zard Titanium Sleeve 

- Remus, Austria: Exhaust, crossover DeCat

Verex exhausts - Guzzi V85
- Bitubo suspension, Italy: Rear shocks & fork springs
Givi rear shock - Guzzi V85
- EMS shocks, France: Rear shocks for road, sport road & trail use
Pic: EMC SportShock 1

- Louis, Germany: Madhead Shock Cover
Louis Madhead Shock Cover - Guzzi V85

Pic: Madhead Shock Cover from Louis

--> Order no. 10045823;
size approx. 13 x 26.5 cm,
diameter approx. 8,5 cm 

- Pyramid Plastics, England: short front mudguard 

Pyramide Plastics - Front mudguard - Guzzi V85
Rear mudguard (rear hugger), available in color matte black/gloss black
- DIY - Aprilia Dorsoduro/Shiver 750 front mudguard "low" with additional splash guard added as extension. Aprilia part no mudguard "low": 856850, part no screw with flange M5x9 (x6) for mudguard: AP8152339. Both available from Stein-Dinse (muduard,  screw) or Motorcycle Spare Parts (mudguard, screw). Diagram mudguard Aprilia Dorsoduro 750, position number 2 & 3. Mudguard extension available from AliExpress, Puig or ebay (all universal mudguards) or the one from Pyramid-Plastics (see mudguard extension for the 2016 Aprilia Capanord Rally 1200 mudguard further below).
Aprilia Dorsoduro front mudguard with extension - Guzzi V85

 Image above shows the Guzzi V85 with the mudguard from the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 with additonal splash guard.

- DIY - 2016 Aprilia Capanord 1200 Rally front mudguard, available on ebay or from MSP - Motorcycle Spare Parts, bike-parts-aprilia, aprilia genuine parts, France: Retzmoto or your local Aprilia dealer; part no 2B001431 for Australia, Korea, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand; part no 2B0024475 for USA.

2016 Aprilia Capanord 1200 Rally front mudguard - Guzzi V85

The Aprilia Capanord mudguard fits perfectly, including the mounting holes 

- DIY - Rear splash/spray guard from Honda NC700, available on wish or AliExpress

Wish/Aliexpress - rear splash/spray guard Honda NC700 - Guzzi V85
- Mark Anstey Prints, England: Mark offers matching Guzzi V85 - vinyl stickers for the 2016 Aprilia Capanord Rally mudguard used for the Guzzi V85. Pic shows the Aprilia mudguard with a carbon-look wrapping with the Guzzi vinyl stickers from Mark Anstey Prints.
2016 Aprilia Capanord Rally mudguard in carbon look with Guzzi-vinyl-stickers from Mark Anstey Print
- Front mudguard extension for 2016 Aprilia Capanord 1200 Rally mudguard from Pyramid Plastics, England, part no 057173
Front mudguard extension for 2016 Aprilia Capanord 1200 Rally from Pyramid Plastics
- DIY - Yamaha FZ front mudguard
Yamaha FZ front mudguard - V85
- Guareschi Moto, Italy: V85-oil radiator
Oil radiator by Guareschi Moto - Guzzi V85

- Original seat adjustment:

- Top Sellerie, France: Lowering by 3 cm

Top Sellerie France
- Tapiceria de la moto Marquez, Spain: Same seat height but side edges and tank pad are adjusted so that you sit more in the V85 and kneeling with the tank is possible. The feet reach the ground safely.
Tapiceria Marquez Spain

Future accessories for 2019 Guzzi V85:
- Front mudguard - factory equipment (photoshop pic):

Front mudguard - Guzzi V85

Concept 2019 Guzzi V85:
- Guzzi V85 Supermoto:

Guzzi V85 Supermoto
Clear tail, no rear footpegs, 17-inch front wheel, the V85 Supermoto is ready to hit the road!


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