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Reviews Guzzi V85 TT:

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News by Moto Guzzi 

News in Italian: - tutto su Guzzi - tutto su Guzzi - Guzzi V9 Revenge by Anvil Motociclette

Guzzi V9 Revenge by Anvil Motociclette
4H10 Guzzi V7 racer
Guzzi V7 Revenge by Anvil Motociclette
Rodsmith Guzzi V9 Turbo
Guzzi V9 Morning Glory
4H10 Guzzi V7 racer
Guareschi brothers

Gone but not forgotten - Former Guzzi-dealer stories and memories:

Moto International, Seattle: - Moto International has left the building - The end of an era for an euro-moto icon in the Pacific Northwest --> read also the 2nd article "The 1200 Sport engine caper"

Peter Jarmann with Guzzi Daytona at TT 1996

Peter Jarmann racing his Daytona 1000 in the Production TT in 1996.

Must have been hard work racing against Fireblades and R1s, but we know which bike would have made the best music down the Cronk-Y-Voddy straight.

Luciano Marabese & Le Mans I

Did you know? 

The Moto Guzzi Le Mans Tenni was built
from 2002 - 2003.

Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans Tenni

Only 5 models were imported to Switzerland 

Info Guzzi V11 Le Mans Tenni:
Data sheet & history Guzzi V11 Le Mans Tenni
 V11 Le Mans forum 

mgnoc - 2002 Guzzi V11 Le Mans Tenni: The legend is refinded

Davida Guzzi girl

Davida helmet Guzzi girl

The famous photo of the girl with the Davida helmet
on that fantastic Moto Guzzi caferacer.

The bike, known as "Zagato Guzzi", was built by Ben Part.
Read more about the Bikeexif - Zagato Guzzi.


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