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Guzzi V85 TT

Moto Guzzi USA: Guzzi V85 recalls :
- NHTSA - 2 Recalls 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT
- Moto Guzzi Customer Care --> VIN check for recall

Facts and figures Guzzi V85 TT:

Start of production in Mandello: March 10 2019
Sold V85 Jan - April 2019 in Europe: 1800 units
Sold V85 in Italy Jan - April 2019: 372 units
Delivery schedule USA: June 2019
Delivery schedule Australia: May/June 2019 

More infos about the Guzzi V85 TT:
Social media:
Guzzi V85 TT Enthusiasts on facebook 

Tech data sheet Guzzi V85 TT 

Planned production figures 2019 according Guzzi: 5000 units
Adjusted production figures 2019 due to high demand worldwide: 6000-7000 units 

Latest Mandello-news, May 03 2019:
Guzzi V85 TT is sold out for 2019!
(except models in stock or already ordered; delivery time 2 - 6 weeks)

Summary of the moto media and V85-owners:

Outstanding and impressive! Fun to drive, easy to handle, top quality and faultless. Very good accessories. A bike to love  - technical data are one thing, but reality checks proves different: this bike exceeds your expectations! 

Fact: With the V85 TT, Guzzi delivers a top quality motorcycle since day one of the start of production. Guzzi is back!
More than 70% of trade-ins towards purchases of the V85 TT are from non-Guzzi brands!

Quality and reability issues: none! - otherwise it's covered by Guzzi warranty. Known issues will be fixed in the production process immediately. 

Minor issues are known, from experience from V85-riders. These are mainly issues caused by suppliers or the Guzzi dealer. All covered by the Guzzi warranty - free of charge.   

- Cracks in the original screen around the fixing points of the screen:

Cracks in original windshield - Guzzi V85

Reason: Screen screws have been tightened too strong
Solution: Improve the seal of the windshield screws and do not overwind the screws; long-term: improve thickness of screen
Update: since June 2019 no further issues reported 

- Oil loss/leak from the oil pressure sensor above the oil pan:

Oil loss from oil pressure sensor - Guzzi V85
Oil pressure sensor with seal - Guzzi V85

Reason: daydreaming meccano - if the oil pressure sensor is checked and taken out, the o-ring seal has to be replaced. If the sensor is put back in place without replacing the seal, it does not fit properly and oil is leaking...
Quick-fix home-made: Replace the o-ring seal yourself
Solution: proper service training and sending out service alert
Update: Since July 2019: no further issues reported 

- fogged turning signal glass:

Fogged turning light glass - Guzzi V85

Known issue also from MV Augusta models
Reason: low quality seal from supplier
Solution: drill an small hole in the bottom of the turning signal casing/glass so that the humidity blows off

Vent hole for turning light case - Guzzi V85

Update July 2019: fix is on the way since July 2019
- leaking shaft drive oil (rare)

Shaft drive oil spilt on wheel - Guzzi V85

Several causes:
- shaft drive oil overfilled so it escapes via the venting/pressure relief valve on the top of the bevel gear/differential and oil is spilled over the right side of the spoken will and tire side wall
- bad seal used for the bevel gear (image)
- wrong shaft drive oil used which is too thin and escapes via the bevel gear seal
- venting/pressure relief valve is blocked or dirty
Solutions: check the correct oil filling and use only the recommended shaft drive oil;  check the proper function of the venting/pressure relief valve; improved seal to be used as following models affected: V85, V7, V9 

Update August 1st 2019: main cause is probably excess pressure in the shaft drive due overfilling with shaft drive oil. The 180 cm3/ml - as mentioned in the manual - is the factory filling. When the oil is being replaced, the oil quantity has to be only 160 cm3/ml - as about 20 cm3/ml remains.
Solution: the correct quantity of shaft oil when replacing/servicing has to be
160 cm3/ml, also confirmed by Guzzi.
Solutions 2 & action since June 2019: The few damaged bevel gear seals including the shaft drives were and are being analyzed by Moto Guzzi to find the cause of the oil leak. The Guzzi warranty will cover this repair.
Constant quality checks are made on the supplied seals and production process has been improved to focus on delivering a rock-solid and fault free shaft drive.
Update September 15 2019: Only early V85 production models for the European market are affected, in average less than 2.5 % of the first series produced from March till May 2019 have a leaking bevel-gear issue.
All V85 for export round the world - except Europe - are rock-solid and fault-free. 

Update December 12/16 2019: Moto Guzzi USA: NHTSA issues 2 recalls on Guzzi V85, dated Dec 2/3 2019.
--> - NHTSA - 2 Recalls 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT
The recalls are due to legal & warranty issues. Potential final shaft drive oil leak (371 Guzzi V85 affected) and potential defective footrest mounting pins (399 V85 affected).
Important: there are no NHTSA investigations or complaints known.
For Guzzi riders: check the potential final shaft drive oil leak before, during and after your ride - to be on the safe side. Only a few of the 371 Guzzi V85 produced during March-September 2019 may be affected.

News 2020:

News March 26 2020: Pyramid Plastics is working on a short front and rear mudguard and a rear splash/spray guard (hugger). Availability of the front mudguard is scheduled for early July 2020. The other parts will follow soon after.  

News June 27 2020: Installation manual - Mistral V-Twin Boost for Guzzi V85

Mistral V-Twin Boost - Moto Guzzi V85
Mistral V-Twin Boost - Moto Guzzi V85

 More Information about Mistral products:
--> Mistral V-Twin Boost for Guzzi V85
--> Tuning-kit Guzzi V85: Mistral exhaust, Mistral decat-crossover, Mistral V-Twin Boost 

News July 10 2020: Motorcycle decal sets & more: Mark Anstey Prints offers matching Guzzi V85 - vinyl stickers for the 2016 Aprilia Capanord Rally mudguard used for the Guzzi V85. Pic shows the Aprilia mudguard with a carbon-look wrapping with the Guzzi vinyl stickers from Mark Anstey Prints.

2016 Aprilia Capanord Rally mudguard in carbon look with Guzzi-vinyl-stickers from Mark Anstey Print
News July 28 2020: Original seat adjustment
Top Sellerie - Guzzi V85
Marquez - Guzzi V85

 Left is the lowered seat from Top Sellerie in France (-3 cm), right the seat from Tapiceria de la moto Marquez, Spain - same height as the original seat but it has been rounded next to the tank - so the riding position is closer to the fuel tank, the legs can be closer to the bike and the floor can be reached more easily.  

News October 30 2020: Biondi, Italy: High/touring screen (HxW: 45 x 35 cm) & sport screen (HxW: 25 x 28 cm)

Biondi touring screen - Guzzi V85
Biondi sport screen - Guzzi V85

News December 20 2020: Mistral exhausts, Italy: Mistral big-bore header pipes for improved torque and performance at all reves due to the big bore diameter (increase of the internal volume); less weight ( - 50 % compared to stock pipes), 100 % rust-free 

Mistral - big-bore header pipes - Guzzi V85

News 2021
News January 08 2021: Pyramid Plastics, England: Rear hugger, available in color matte black/gloss black

Pyramid Plastics - rear hugger - Guzzi V85
Pyramid Plastics rear hugger matt - Guzzi V85

News January 30 2021: Recommended heated grips for Guzzi V85 - hotter and cheaper than the oem-ones

- Koso Apollo;  Review Koso Apollo

Koso Apollo heated grips
- Oxford Products, Witney --> Oxford Hotgrips "Retro" with temperature controller (5 levels)
Oxford Hotgrips "Retro" heated grip
Oxford Hotrips "Retro" heated grip with temperature controller
News February 15 2021: Tool box / tool tube by by Mecastore
Tool box / tool tube by Mecastore
MadStad adustable windshield system - Guzzi V85
Madstad adustable windshield system - Guzzi V85

 MadStad's patented mounting system allows riders to adjust the height and angle of their motorcycle windshield resulting in much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride.

The Madstad's kit includes:

  • A set of MadStad adjustable brackets
  • The acrylic windshield

News August 25 2021: Powerbronze, England: Adjustable windshield "Powerblade" & Hugger/rear mudguard

Powerbronze windshield "Powerblade" - Guzzi V85
Powerbronze hugger/rear mudguard - Guzzi V85

News November 12 2021: Custom Mappings for Guzzi V85
Moto Guzzi Center Lamparth, Bad Boll 

Guareschi Moto, Parma --> UpMap-Mapping for E4/E5 Guzzi V85 

Australia: - Beetlemap by Mark Bayley
Torque Power Motorcycles, Queensland

Verex exhausts - Guzzi V85
News March 04 2022: Guzzi V85 with sidecar from  Kalich Motorradgespanne, Germany
Kalich-Guzzi V85

News May 07 2022: Footrest kits for Guzzi V85
SW-Motech --> Guzzi V85 TT, Model ION (Standard mounting or lowered (15mm) / model EVO (36 mounting varations)

Pics above show the size comparison of the original Guzzi footpeg and the sw-motech footpeg model EVO. 

Rizoma --> Guzzi V85 TT, Model Extreme / Snake / Urban Protocol 

Pivot Pegz --> Guzzi V85 TT

News June 20 2022:  Splash guard/rear hugger from Pyramid Plastics, UK;
Reseller for France: Retzmoto - Garde boue V85

Pyramid Plastics - Spray guard Guzzi V85

News July 2022: Mickey Mouse ears wind deflector set mounted on the fuel tank
Motoboxer, France: Wind deflector set V85 Tank from Motoboxer,
also available from TLM Guzzi, Netherlands: Wind deflector set V85TT Tank from TLM Guzzi
The deflectors are mounted on the front side of the fuel tank to reduce the wind turbulences from the rising air between the fork and the fuel tank to calm the airflow and to reduce the buffeting on the driver's side.

News 2023:
News March 03 2023: Pogliani, Italy: Rear splash guard from Pogliani

Pogliani - Bear splash guard - Guzzi V85
News April 23 2023: Debyltech, USA: Wind deflectors for Guzzi V85 to reduce buffeting and turbulences
News August 07 2023:  alpha Technik, Germany: Lowering kit for Guzzi V85 - this corresponds to a seat height reduction of approx. 25 mm
alpha Technik - lowering kit 25mm for Guzzi V85
GT Motorcycles - Guzzi V85 SAS Block-off Kit

Reviews Guzzi V85 TT (English/Italian) 

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Recensioni e historia Guzzi V85 TT:
Tgcom24 - Moto Guzzi V85 TT, viaggio tutto comfort - 10.000 Km con la Moto Guzzi V85 TT - I segreti del motore della Guzzi V85 - intervista con Antonio Cappellini - 70.000 cambiate per garantire l'affidabilità della V85 TT


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